“I often wonder what it’s like to be someone who can act impulsively. Is stress even in your vocabulary? Do you act first think later, or is it that you think faster than me? How many times have you regretted something you’ve done off the cuff? Do you regret anything at all?”

(Thought Catalog) http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/we-should-all-be-holly-golightly/


Thought Catalog is one of my favorite blogs out there. It is humorous and all too truthful and it always makes me think. This particular post drew my complete attention because I absolutely love Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the book and the movie, however the movie version is too Hollywood at the end… of course they will end up together, duh.) Holly Golightly is such a relatable character in so many ways. Like so many of us, she is confused and a little frightened. The future is pretty daunting in a lot of ways, probably because of it’s complete uncertainty. We can plan out our lives the best that we can but which one of us can say that our lives have followed our exact plans, we’ve all been sidetracked at one time or another. For some of us that sidetrack can be like getting on the freeway East and you need to go West and the next exit isn’t for 70 miles, we hope eventually we will be able to get back in the right direction but we really aren’t sure how long that will take and if your car won’t run out of gas before it gets there. 

As someone who lived impulsively in waves for years I can tell you, stress is the main reason for impulsivity. For many people immediately slapping your credit card down in store after store is what we do after a break-up or when we are experiencing some form of low self-esteem. We decide “ok, I will have one more shot…” when you know you have to be up at 5 am to catch a plane and it’s 1 am and you know one shot leads to more shots and inevitably you end up missing your flight out of sheer stupidity. 

The problem with these impulsive acts is that usually at the time we feel great, then a sinking feeling sets in and all of a sudden you realize what you’ve just done to yourself. Years later you still get angry with yourself for putting yourself thousands of dollars into debt spent on material items, nothing of real importance, except that second round trip ticket you purchased because you were a drunken idiot. 

I don’t think impulsive people necessarily “think faster” but they decide faster and instantaneously to feel something. We all know this feeling fades away, quickly. Instead of rejecting this chance you take it and run with it full force, in a dead sprint, until you stop and realize how negatively those flighty decisions affected the rest of your life. 

Holly Golightly, as much as I love her, isn’t some kind of “free spirit”, she is a scared little girl who has an emptiness she’s desperate to fill but she can’t, because she’s unwilling to stop running away from it. We run from things because we can’t face the truth of the situation, but most of all our part in it.

Her passion and enthusiasm for life makes me think we should all have a little Holly Golightly in us though, in the meantime think before you act, face the consequences of your decisions and live your life.