Well… at least in my opinion it is. I have experienced more than three days in a row of sunny 80 degree weather, been able to go outside and eat dinner and I have a tan so in my mind… Summer. Is. Here.

One amazing aspect of summer is the endless possibility of spending the entire day outside. My family put up a gazebo (not the easiest task, especially when all the parts are marked incorrectly!) so we can eat dinner outside without having to deal with pesky mosquitos. My Mom and I were inspired to put a table outside when we were looking at this month’s Crate & Barrel… a beautiful table, chairs and maybe even a padded bench? Sounded perfect to us.

Our next venture is to set up our badminton net so we can have badminton tournaments (it got serious two summers ago) and play volleyball of course. However, volleyball always takes a backseat to badminton at our house.

The perfect summer day at the Green household: coffee and breakfast on the deck, badminton, hiking or another outdoor activity, cocktails and appetizers at 5:00 on the deck, dinner outside (perhaps a hot tub?) and playing music on the deck with the family.

What is your favorite summer activity?

Whatever it is you love to do in the summer just get outside and do it because if you are an East Coaster like me summer time is ticking away!

my cat basking in the summer sun