There have been many many changes in my life in the past month… and I know they are all for the better. When I take a look back on the past few months I realize that I lost myself, completely, and now is the time to find myself again.

I plan to do many things to better myself (those I’d rather not share), and now is the time. So why aren’t you doing it? What is holding you back? Is it a person, a job, an emotion or maybe just the feeling that you are stuck? All of these things are excuses that we hide behind in order to not do the hard work: taking a good REAL look at ourselves and changing what makes us unhappy. If you want to lose weight, start walking daily, you don’t need a gym membership, just get outside and breathe in the fresh air. If you are unhappy in your relationship, get out of it. If you are unhappy at work, start looking for a new job. Avoid the negativity… we don’t need it in our lives and there’s no reason to remain stuck. No time like the present to change.

Why do we always feel that we have to compromise our own happiness? And for what exactly? Take a break from your day and begin to think about what you want to change. Take a second for you and I guarantee you will begin to feel happier.