Hey Everyone!

I have spent the past week in sunny northern California with my best friend from college who lives in Aptos. What a great week it has been already. I have spent the week in the sun, watching my best friend vault (an amazing sport) and do what she loves, and getting to see all the hard work she puts into the sport and has done in the past to become a world champion. I also read a very inspiring story at Huffington Post online (click here for the story). One of the quotes I loved from this story was when Rocky Clark said:

“There’s always someone who’s got it worse than you,” he says. And yet, he adds: “There are people who are not in my situation and they take life for granted. They have no determination. They don’t know things can take a turn for the worse in the blink of an eye.” (Rocky Clark, Huffington Post)

I have found an array of inspiring quotes (some cheesy, some actually inspirational) but I felt that this one has made my top five now. Rocky is completely paralyzed from the neck down and yet he is still insisting that someone has it worse off than him, which is an incredible notion. He has learned the important lesson of not taking anything for granted, trying to live each day as if it is your last, cliché notions but perhaps cliché for a reason?

A wise Russian masseuse told me and my sister that the only person that matters is you. Outside forces will come into your life (people, jobs, etc) that are going to cause negativity and stress but you have the power to control how you will allow those forces to affect you. Yes we all get down and stressed out but I believe that if you can re-channel your energy and attempt to be a positive and optimistic person as best you can you will ultimately be happy. No one can control your happiness but you. People can help add to your happiness but if you are a truly positive person on the inside, without any help, that is all that matters. We only have one life and one chance so you might as well make the most of it.

Rosey, Devon, and I had an interesting conversation over dinner at this little Greek restaurant the other night and Rosey said that she would rather die young, but feel that she was living her life and having amazing experiences, than play it safe and live to be an old woman. (I am horribly misquoting her but you get the idea.) I think we all need to take a step back to realize what is important in our lives. What do we want? What and who ultimately makes us the most happy? Why do we allow negative influences in our life if we have the control to get rid of them? Start living for YOU and no one else.

Crazy. I had to come to California for all of this to begin to really set in, and for me to begin to take it seriously, but I believe that if you live for YOU that is what matters. Surround yourself with people you love, take the job you love, do the activities that you love, and forget the rest because it doesn’t matter. Be around people who love you, inspire you, and support you so that you can achieve what you want in life no matter what that is.

Here’s a link to Rosey’s USA Team because I am sure that many of you don’t know what vaulting is (I didn’t until I met her). The video’s commentary is in German… but they are World Champions! Rosey is the one in the middle of the video around the 2:30-3:00 minute mark with Devon Maitozo alone on the horse

World Equestrian Games Vaulting held in Kentucky

To see more videos of Rosey check out her website you won’t regret it!

Adios from sunny California!

Vaulting Competition 5/14/11