Some of these tips came from the March issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Now I am not a huge reader of Cosmo but I bought it because one of my favorite singers was on the cover, and the fact that I felt the need to explain myself for reading Cosmo is a problem. That said, I came across this short little article titled, “Decorating Tricks Under $50” by Korin Miller, that I knew would be perfect for my blog. I’m a huge proponent of saving money since I always seem to be strapped for cash, but I am also restless and am always feeling the need to re-decorate or do something new.

March 2011 Issue of Cosmopolitan

Here are some of the tips that came from the book titled Small Space Solutions by Libby Langdon (I chose ones I have not previously come across):

Turn Your Bathroom Into Something Funky: Langdon suggests swapping out the lame fuzzy mats for smaller area rugs and adding quirky touches to spice up your bathroom and make it less generic.

From Old Lamp to New: Langdon shows us how to take a busted old lamp and make it glamorous by spray-painting the base with a high-gloss spray in the color of your choice and ditching the white shade for a darker one to make “a bold graphic statement.” I know that there are some spray-paints that are high-gloss but also have a touch of glitter if you wanted to add glamour.

Your Own Personal Gallery: Group together various photos, pictures, or paintings to make a small gallery on one of your walls. Langdon says to aim for a an odd number for a more original feel and also to aim for a common theme. I don’t think that you necessarily need a common theme as long as your gallery somehow ties together and looks fantastic. No need to match–get creative!

Graffiti: Use fabric paint to stencil on the backs of different pieces of furniture. If you are like me and don’t want to get so permanent with your design I think you should buy cheap slip covers for your chairs, couch–(what have you) and stencil on those so they can be easily removed when you tire of the design.

Temporary Wallpaper: Use silver or gold thumbtacks to hang wallpaper without committing to the wallpaper permanently. Langdon says patterned wrapping paper works as a cheap alternative (I don’t believe you should do this in large pieces–it would look too cheap). I think you could cut different designs you like into shapes and hang them on one wall in a collage manner.

Channel Your Inner 5-Year-Old: Apply chalkboard paint somewhere in your home. Langdon suggests on your bedroom door. My sister and I have a chalkboard in our kitchen, which is fantastic because we (and our friends) write funny sayings all over it, or we leave little notes to each other, and it’s a nice way to make your home about you. My friend Chelsea also once sprayed a large section of one of her bedroom walls with this and we definitely had fun with that. You could also spray a fun shape onto a wall rather than a door.

Collection-ista?: If you have collections Langdon suggests arranging them in an unusual way and showcasing them somewhere in your home, or displaying them in a crystal bowl etc. My Dad displays his match-holder collection on a few shelves in his office and it is a great conversation starter let me tell you!

*Another great way to cherish small memories while decorating is drying out flowers and then buying a small funky vase to display them in. My Mom does this with white lilacs that grow on a tree in front of our house, and I am attempting to do this with white roses that my boyfriend recently bought me. No need to throw out those beautiful flowers!*

Those are just a few ideas that Langdon came up with in her book Small Space Solutions and there are always more out there. Get creative, take the ones you like and change them to suit you. After all your living space should be a reflection of you no?