Today my sister actually took my advice and decided to re-arrange her room. We moved her bed, took out her TV, and organized her storage spaces to make for a more appealing and simplistic look and also to create more space in her room so she wasn’t feeling so cramped. The outcome was amazing (her room looks much bigger) and she said that she definitely felt better after making these changes; her room is more spacious and she now feels she has room to breathe and move around, and she got rid of unnecessary items that were taking up space and adding clutter. (Unfortunately that means that we have more trash to put out tomorrow night.) As I’m writing this she keeps walking by saying, “It’s so much better, it really is…” Here are a few pictures taken with my horrible camera just to show a few examples of what I was posting about a few days ago:


We decided to re-arrange after we spent an incredibly relaxing three-day weekend at home. We spent time with family and friends and got outside for a long hike in the woods (yes, even though there was snow on the ground). There is nothing like fresh air.