Well everyone, here is the surprise of the day! The Huffington Post wrote an article reporting the “Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011.” These are statistics that are gathered by the World Health Organization every year which list the alcohol consumption stats for every country in the world, including the different types of alcohol each country consumes the most. But guess what… we can feel a little better about ourselves because the United States ranks 57th on the list and that says something. The top 25 nations on the list are pretty random which is what makes this list funny.

The list is as follows:

25. Bulgaria

24. Latvia

23. Finland

22. Germany

21. Luxembourg

20. Austria

19. Slovakia

18. Poland

17. The UK

16. Denmark

15. France

14. Ireland

13. Portugal

12. The Republic of Korea

11. Lithuania

10. Croatia

9. Belarus

8. Slovenia

7. Andorra

6. Ukraine

5. Estonia

4. The Russian Federation

3. Hungary

2. Czech Republic

1. The Republic of Moldova

Surprising isn’t it? The Republic of Moldova is the drunkest country in the world. Who would have known…

For the complete list click here.